Bauma China 2016 2017-08-24


        International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines and Construction Vehicles was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from November 22th to 25th. As a member of hundreds of exhibitors, we do make a good performance and attract many foreign clients to come to our booth. We also gain the praise from other exhibitors.

        The product we bring this time is a kind of new model luffing tower crane TL430-24t. The max load of it is heavier than all other machines in the outdoor exhibition space. Its bright color has a style of our own. The individual hoist mechanism in front of the tower crane is one of our features. It gives the clients a special visible, touchable, operable experience. From the feedback, we know that this kind of firsthand experience is really important and necessary. The luffing tower crane uses European Siemens motor and Flender reducer and realizes double brake in hoisting and luffing. The nonload high speed can be 160m/min. The foreign clients are interested in this tower and take photo with it one after another. We gain the TUV-CE certificate as well, which not only a guarantees the product quality but manifests the strength of Top Sky. So it has no difficulty for us to export our products to Europe and the United States.
        During the exhibition, continuous streams of visitors from different countries come to our booth. We listen to the client needs and answer questions carefully. We recommend the most suitable model according to the client demand. The technical engineers are in the booth all the time to give timely technical support. Another feature in our booth is the picture exhibit. They are a lot of pictures which are the different models tower cranes we have sold working in the construction site. It is another chance to make the clients know more and further about Top Sky and feel the strength of us.
        Success needs years of hard work. Top Sky innovates and explores in the last decade. We still believe in God helps those who help themselves and never say give up. We will do better, go further.


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